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About ReAya

Who is Reaya Holding ?

ReAya was founded in 2012 by some of the most talented investors across MENA including Mr. Khaled Juffali, Mr. Saleh Al-Turki and Dr. Ahmed Emara. ReAya Holding is the first Permanent Capital Vehicle across MENA region that is specialized in Healthcare and Life Science Private Equity Investments.

Headquartered in Jeddah-Saudi Arabia and in Dubai-UAE with investments across the MENA region & Turkey, ReAya is well equipped to manage contemporary business challenges. This enables it to become a pioneer in the private equity healthcare and life science markets while staying true to the company’s vision to accelerate “GROWTH” among all its stakeholders. ReAya’s dynamic leadership team is backed by years of financial and operational experience bringing diverse range of strengths and skills to the organization.
ReAya continues to seek additional opportunities that fit with the core business. ReAya’s Investment portfolio includes Joint-Ventures and Partnerships in MENA region across sectors such as Biopharmaceuticals Production, Specialized Day Surgery Centers, Polyclinics, Retail Pharmacies, Medical Devices Distributorship, and more. ReAya plays a vital role in helping its portfolio companies realize their growth potential by uncovering their values through identifying and enhancing their performance. This is done through providing capital, operational support and strong management teams.
ReAya not only injects growth capital into its portfolio companies, but it also involves itself in maximizing operational efficiency through direct involvement in formulating growth or turnaround plans, providing the tools and guidance necessary to improve operation of the business, create sustainable growth and increase equity value. The strategic guidance and approach to enhance “GROWTH” among all its stakeholders help companies transform them into stronger conglomerates in the region, ensuring ROI (Return on Investment) potential is realized.
Healthcare & Life Science are some of the fastest growing industries in the world, especially in developing economies. Across the MENA region, millions of inhabitants account for the regional healthcare and pharmaceutical market each year thus contributing to the growth in this sector. With an annual population growth of 2.7%, these markets will continue to grow.
In the Life Science arena, ReAya believes that opportunities exist in the manufacturing of high-valued added specialized pharmaceutical products, in-licensing sales and marketing of innovative life science products, providing valuable solutions rather than just selling new products, developing strong client relations and health outcomes, conducting R&D that is driven by the market not by scientific advances alone, building a focused, and support services such as CROs, supply chain management and logistics.
With its unique concentration on the Healthcare and Life Science sectors, ReAya is indeed a valuable investor in this industry since it uses its own capital for investments and believes in the need to participate actively in its investments thus enhancing “GROWTH”
ReAya enjoys a very strong track record of growing its portfolio companies across different geographies and different subsectors of Healthcare and Life Sciences.